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Dive Report Dive Report

Dive Report

Thursday 4th April 2024

4-5 Manta Rays, Dolphins, Hawksbill Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle, Fish & Sooty Oystercatchers

Julian Rocks


10-15KN SSW


The rain did not stop us having a fantastic day in the water! We had dolphins swimming with us in the nursery, 4-5 manta rays spotted & a rare sighting of sooty oystercatchers on the rocks! Calm with light showers & 5-8m visibility

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Byron Bay Snorkeling Spots

Explore the best spots to snorkel at Julian Rocks 'Nguthungulli' just off the coast of Byron Bay


Julian Rocks ‘Nguthungulli’ Nature Reserve is one of Australia’s top rated dive sites! Its waters range in depth from 5-35 metres make it ideal for both snorkellers and more experienced divers. Its unique location off the coast of Byron Bay where cool and warm waters meet make it an incredible place to spot an over 1000 species of aquatic life!

The rock formations themselves are a sight to behold. Swim between towering bommies, spot remnants of a shipwreck, wade above a colourful arrangement of soft corals, sponges, anemones and ascidians and be surrounded by hundreds of species of colourful fish (71% of which are recorded as tropical).

The zoning of Cape Byron Marine Park is ‘red’ – meaning it is protected from extractive activities (mining minerals, oil and natural gas) and is a no-take zone meaning removing of plants and animals is banned.These protections allow the area to flourish with an exciting abundance of marine life.

Byron Bay's best snorkeling sites are located art Julian Rocks - just off the coast of main beach. We'll visit the dive sites most suitable for the best possible experience on the day.

The Nursery

The Nursery is a shallow and sheltered area on the western edge of Julian Rocks. You can spot the remnants (an anchor and chain) of an old sailing ship from 1864 on the ocean floor here! With a depth of 6-12m, this is a great place to observe the bottom of the ocean where you’ll see corals, colourful fish plenty of marine life.

The Needles

The Needles gets it names from the fascinating collection of large bombies (submerged coral reef) that almost reach the surface of the water. A current that runs through the needles brings with it large schools of glistening fish, and if you’re very lucky you may spot a Manta Ray, Leopard Shark or Nudibranch!

Split Bombie

A large bombie that appears split down the middle rests in this area located north of The Nursery, and several others bombies that surround it are often filled with schools of Bullseye Fish. If you’re lucky you could spot Wobbegong, Grey Nurse Sharks and even Turtles.

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Dive Report

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